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Terms and Conditions



Proper Diaper Use

Our diapers have been designed specifically for babies and should only be used on these sweet little ones.  There is no need to soak or rinse our diapers.  Simply shake off any solids and leave the sanitization to us.

We do ask you not to use diaper rash cream containing cod oils, Regular Formula Desitin. These can permanently stain and damage the diapers. These rash creams are not the best for your baby's skin anyways. Is a website that has great information on the toxicity options for various products. There are tons of great low toxic options that are free from the dangerous chemicals.  Please contact us if you are in need of a diaper rash cream recommendation.


Diaper Pick Up and Delivery

Clean diapers will be dropped off in a “wet bag”.  This reusable bag will also be used as the pail liner.  Please leave the soiled diapers on your porch unless another area has been specified

If you have forgotten to leave out your diapers:

Clean diapers will be dropped off the first time you forget to put them out.  We will call you to schedule an additional pick up.  If this happens again, there will be a $15 service charge.



Billing will be payable in advance every four weeks, starting the first day diapers are picked-up.   Your account will be created at your demo by accepting your start up fee, a minimum of 4 weeks of service, and any add ons you choose. The start up fee and initial 4 week service is non-refundable. 

We recognize the immediate post-partum period is a sensitive and unpredictable time. There are numerous situations that make cloth diapering difficult, especially if you are having fit issues. Most clients successfully cloth diaper from birth. If you begin cloth diapering and then decide to stop and continue at a later date because of any postpartum related reasons (sleep deprivation, jaundice baby, circumcision, post-childbirth complications, etc.) your service can be held at any point and resumed at a later date. There are no maximum number of weeks that service can be held in this case.



We ask that a two week notice be given prior to any vacation to ensure no disruptions in service.  Usual vacations are 1-2 weeks.  If you will be gone more that three weeks we will need to pick-up all your diapers and accessories.  Upon your return we will resume service and reissue your diapers.


Holiday Schedule

We recognize your baby’s needs and are committed to meeting them, even during holidays.  We may have a slight change in schedule during these major holidays.  You will be given a two week notice of these changes.  We are also open to special accommodations like different pick-up/drop-off locations or partial loads.


Closing Service

A minimum of one week’s notice in advance of your next scheduled delivery day is required to close service.  Please know it is your responsibility to gather all diapers and place them in the diaper pail for a final pick-up.  A 3.00 per diaper fee will be assessed for any damaged or unreturned diapers.


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