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Stinky Stash?

  •  Do you feel that your diapers have lost some of their absorbency? 

  • Is there ammonia or other funky smell (barn yard) coming from your inserts? 

  • Maybe you inherited a set of cloth diapers or just took them out of storage and you want to be extra sure they are clean for your little?

Let us get those diapers back to rotation worthy status, with no work on your part. 

Here's how it works:

Fill out the form at the link to your right. 

We will then contact you about pick up and then send you and invoice. 

Once invoice is paid, make sure all diapers are clean when we pick up/receive them- no hidden surprises please. :)

Let us take the load and within a week the diapers will be back, ready to take on the next load coming their way!

Price break down:

1-30 pieces $30

31- 60 pieces $50

61-90 pieces $70

A piece is considered 1 insert or 1 AIO or 1 pocket cover. 



How long will it take?
One week from pick up until we drop your clean, refreshed stash back at your doorstep, or ready for pick up.

When does do you pick up?
Delivery days vary depending on what city you live in.

Can I get my diapers back sooner?
It is possible but it there may be an additional fee or may require you to pick the diapers up at Kissui. Be sure to leave a note on your form if you need them sooner, or call us at 909.528.8964.

What brands to you accept?
We have deep cleaned almost all major brands and styles and have had great success with most.  Please check with your individual manufacture warranty before purchasing this service.  Additionally diapers naturally breakdown over time so we also do not warranty accidental damage.  On the very rare occasion that warranty damage is done to a diaper during stripping, Squeaky Cheeky is not responsible for any damages and will not replace any diapers or refund this service. 

Do I need to strip my covers? 

Covers do not need to be stripped as they don't hold smells or need to be absorbent. So there is no need to expose them to unnecessary washing. If you have a pocket cover that stinks or you would like to have completely sanitized, that would be an exception. 

What do I use to diaper when you have my stash?
You can use our prefolds/AIO at an additional charge.  Just let us know when you fill out your form that you would like to use our diapers. 

Do I need to wash my diapers?
Yes please! No hidden 
surprises :)

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